Eat Healthier

Lock in good decisions for your workday meals by making them all on the weekend. When you get under the gun of life, which happens A LOT, let the quick-grab meal be one you made with whole fresh ingredients to meet your exact dietary goals.

Save Money

Dramatically reduce overall food costs by making your own meals instead of paying a restaurant staff or food processing plant to prepare them for you. By learning to run your home kitchen like a family restaurant you will minimize waste, maximize flavor, and beat fast food at it’s own dollar-menu game.

Cook Better

The best recipe is no recipe With Kitchen Karate you will learn how to season by eye and feel with no measuring devices or recipes. Our proven Seasoning Guide allows you to boldly take your ingredients around the world of cuisines. Think delivery foods - Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, and Indian - delivered by you.

Save Time

There is no faster way to serve up a meal than to pull it ready-made from your fridge. You can actually sit and eat for 5 minutes in the morning. Pack a lunch and run errands on your break rather than poking around another deli counter. With dinner set you can get in a workout before heading home. Never again say you don’t have time to eat healthy. That excuse is dead.